Welcome to Octopus Gardens Diving, one of the Pacific Northwest’s finest scuba stores.

We want every experience you have with us, to be a great one.

WHY: We want to build a dive center with service that is beyond your wildest expections and change the way that you think about a dive shop. Welcome to the team.

Octopus Gardens Diving is a unique and full service diving center with training, continuing education and equipment for new and experienced divers. The shop is also the new home of the well respected regulator repair labs of Dive Tech Inc. It is one of only a few dive shops in the world that can service most all regulators from all manufactures.

FREE REGULATOR CHECK: Because we are committed to safe diving we offer you a free regulator check anytime. We also lab test every regulator purchased or rented before it leaves the shop.

Our training is designed to meet the needs and learning styles of both men and women divers. Addtionally we offer WARM DIVER training; which lets you start off in drysuit so you can dive in comfort year-round, anywhere in the world.

We have some of the best diving in Puget Sound with in a few minutes of the Octopus Gardens Dive shop. Antique bottles are a regular find by divers around PT.

Come dive with us soon! Port Townsend is also a great destination for divers and their non-diving friends and family. The historic town is a mecca of great food, shopping, arts, wooden boats, theater and other outdoor activities.